Transform your customer experience

The design thinking platform for you and your team for designing personas and business models, mapping customer journeys, experience innovation and execution to improve customer experience.

Collaborate and map the current experience

The simplest tool to capture the current experience by mapping persona, empathy and customer journey. Accomplish more by collaborating and sharing feedback with the team in real time.

Capture ideas to improve experience

A powerful and intuitive tool to capture and discover the most impactful ideas from everyone to innovate on user experience.

Manage deployment of the best idea

An integrated software to project manage the execution of the best idea with visual task management to realize the future state of the customer experience.


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Why CXDeployer?

Achieve experience excellence

Create As-Is and To-Be journey maps, identify improvement ideas and execute those ideas.

Clearly define the service offerings

Draw and articulate the service offerings to your customers and enhance the customer experience.

Support operational excellence

Enable current-state insights, improvement opportunity analysis, and better decision making.

See the big picture

Develop a clear vision of the future by mapping the end-to-end customer journey.

Powerful visual communication

Increate the retention – 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear.

Realize benefits faster

Involve everyone, get ideas and easily implement those ideas.

Increase productivity

Organize everything in one place to complete your improvement project in one place and execute faster across distributed teams.

Better customer experiences

Visualize and validate different ideas and enhance your customer experience.

Realize the tacit potential of everyone

Involve everyone, connect and get insights and ideas across teams from any location.


What is CXDeployer?

CXDeployer is a cloud-based all-in-one solution that enables design thinking professionals to deploy, and transform the customer experience by creating, sharing and presenting the persona map, empathy map, business model canvas, customer journey map, ideation and execution management of the best idea.

How it works?

Step 1

Map the persona & empathy

Know your customer or users by mapping, their goals, aspirations, fears, thinking, dreams and digital habits.

What matters most to the persona and whose experience should be enhanced?

Step 2

Design the value proposition

Use the business model canvas to identify and design values an organization should deliver to satisfy the needs of the customer.

What customer wants to achieve?

Step 3

Map the customer journey

Map the moments of truth, touchpoints, activities, interactions and customer experience and storyboard the journey.

What are the start point and endpoint of the experience?

Step 4

Ideate on the experience transformation

Engage everyone, capture great ideas and tap the untapped knowledge by building on other’s ideas to transform the customer experience.

What solutions will lead to enhanced customer experience?

Step 5

Manage execution of the best idea

Project management for the execution of the best idea, prototype, accelerate idea to implementation and continuously improve the experience.

What is the time to market to realize the transformed experience?

The Best Journey Mapping Solution

You are just minutes away from CXDeployer.

High-Level Features

Designed for collaboration

Comments and discussions in a project.

Connected maps

Avoid confusion and duplication by linking journey maps with persona, empathy and business model canvas.

Export maps in multiple formats

Export to PDF, PNG or CSV and Create impactful presentations.

House of templates

Designed by industry professionals with beautiful preset themes to jump start.

Simple and flexible interface

Straight forward, intuitive and configurable layout

Audit trail

Check and revisit your previous development, alteration and changes.

CXDeployer transforms the way you conduct design thinking workshops.

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