Customer Journey Mapping Tool

Customer journey mapping is a tool to analyze and improve the customer's experience.

Flexible and powerful layout

CXDeployer's journey mapping tool helps you to create customer experience maps, employee journey maps, user journey maps, service blueprints with ease and flexibility.

Visualize the journey

How can maps be complete without adding pictures to them? Add the images you wish to add to the journey map and make it more personalized, just the way you want it.

Capture touchpoints/customer actions

Worried about how to add customer touchpoints to the map? Worry no more, add these points in your journey map with the CX Deployer tool and add it to your map to teach your customer’s review and loyalty.

Capture customer emotions/feelings

Use Line Lane to catch in-the-moment feelings, whether they're positive, neutral, or negative, at various points along the journey.

Add files

Adding pertinent information to a record is always a good idea. You may connect new files to an entity's history, which will allow you to keep all relevant data in one location.

Add comments

Add comments to your journey map for pointing out any errors and corrections. The comments can be beneficial to keep a track of changes for team members while editing.

Real-time messaging

Want to suggest changes to the other team member while creating the map? Now you can chat with other people in real-time and convey your suggestions easily.

Share maps

How will you share with your teammates and take their inputs on the journey map you created. Don’t worry, it can be done with the share maps feature of CXDeployer.

Audit trail and journey map history

You can check and revisit your previous development, alteration, copying, moving, and deleting process with the help of the audit trail and journey map history feature.

Real-time Mapping

Multiple people working on the same journey map? Well, now it has become easier with real-time collaboration. Multiple teammates can work on the same journey map without hindering each other's work.

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