Empathy Mapping Tool Online

Empathy map is a tool that is used to gain deeper insights of customers, users and employees.

Persona linked empathy mapping

An empathy map and persona are linked to one another, so if you have created multiple personas, then this feature allows you to create an empathy map for each persona.

Compare and analyze empathy maps

Once you create multiple persona maps, you can bring them together and compare them with each other to find the difference.

Flexible and intuitive layout

The empathy module is flexible enough to accommodate modifications or additions but rigid enough to scale.

Customize cards

To give your map the feel you want, you can customize your empathy map cards by adding different colors according to the different personas.

Export your map

Do you want your empathy map as a PNG image, then don’t you worry. You can export your map into a PNG image.

Rich text editor

Edit your text to any size fold and look you want at any time. Give your maps the feel you like.

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