Manage Ideas to Improve Experience

Discover, capture, refine, prioritize, innovate and improve customer journey and experience.

Capture improvement ideas

With CXDeployer's ideation management, you can capture more ideas if you want to change your journey map. Employees should be able to submit ideas as they come up with them.

Anonymous idea posting

Your colleagues can hide their identify when dropping an idea.

Categorize idea by benefit type

You can categorize the ideas that look useful to you on the basis of the benefit you want to derive. This will help to keep your ideas organized.


You can also add relevant hashtags to your ideas allowing you to quickly find ideas on that same topic.

Add files

Want to submit an idea but don’t know how to explain it well? Add the attachment files and documents while submitting to support your idea.

Idea voting

Upvote on ideas that have the most potential for further development in order to grow the best ideas.

Idea rating

Post your ideas and ask the members for their input by asking them to rate your ideas on a scale of 1 to 5. The rating can be done based on the effort or cost required to implement an idea and the benefit derived from it.

Collaborate and refine ideas

Collaborate on new ideas with your team, review the ideas, give suggestions, and refine the new ideas and leverage each other’s collective knowledge.

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