Persona Mapping Tool

Persona mapping is the process of creating fictional yet realistic client profiles inclusive of personal features, ambitions, motives, attitudes, and other factors are reflected in them.

Select from pre-made templates

You can pick the best-suited template for your persona mapping from various pre-made sample templates based on a different persona types.

Use custom templates to reuse them

If you wish to reuse the same template again, you can use the custom template option, that will give you details according to your previous persona mapping, saving you from the effort of starting from scratch.

Add pictures

How can a map be complete without adding pictures to them? Add the images you wish to add in the persona map and make it more personalized, just the way you want it.

Compare personas

Compare persona which aids in the comprehension of your target audience by categorizing them into easily distinguishable groups and exposing each persona's distinct needs and frustrations.

Real-time collaboration

Multiple stakeholders working on the same persona mapping project? Well, now it has become easier with real-time collaboration. Multiple teammates can work on the same project without hindering each other's work.

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